The face behind Melplexion 

Angela Eveline: “First of all, thank you for not only wanting to know more about my brand. But for also being interested in who I am. My name is Angela Eveline and currently writing this I just turned 26 years old. My roots lays in Ghana but I am born and raised in the Netherlands.

I started my career as a make-up artist and got the opportunity to work with a lot of beautiful women. My work gave me so much insight of different skin types but also different skin textures and skin tones. I became obsessed with learning
more about the skin.  My obsession grew into a new company. I opened a beauty salon and decided to also open a skin clinic. The main focus of this clinic was offering personalized treatments to optimize all different skin types.

I was really aiming for the best quality. Being raised by a loving Ghanaian mom, I always got introduced to natural products that would not only bring out my
beautiful complexion but give my skin a butter soft texture. I Knew that I would need to work with natural products to really make a difference in the treatments that we wanted to offer.

I decided to launch my own skincare line which would include only natural products. We would use the products during our treatments and offer them to our clients so they could use it at home. My skincare brand became popular and people would even buy it besides the treatments. We opened a website where everyone could purchase their own personalized skincare package.

There was one specific package that really stood out in all those orders. This package was always sold out and people would order it from everywhere. Holland, UK,
Amerika and even Africa. This package was mainly focusing on the melanin skin and amazing for targeting hyperpigmentation and equalizing the skin.

I came to the realization that people love to take care of their skin. Especially their melanin skin. Cause if you have the right products for melanin skin, magic happens. I decided to focus on these products and develop them into something
better than it already was. From there on we could create more natural products for melanin complexion. My biochemist and I would work hours to do research and test the right melanin-loving ingredients. And a year later, Melplexion was born.”

The vision of Melplexion

Melplexion products are formulated with melanin-friendly natural ingredients to nourish and cherish
melanin-rich skin in all types. By not only focusing on the key concerns that melanated skin know but also enhancing the amazing features that the highly pigmented skin has.

Melplexion helps you build a skincare formula that boosts your melanin and makes your selfcare routine golden.